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From the very beginning, Decléor has sourced effective ingredients from the world of nature and the brand's accumulated expertise in essences has elevated it to a leading position in the field of aromatherapy. DECLÉOR blends its essential oils with painstaking precision to provide a tailored response to each of the skin’s specific needs. From the start, DECLÉOR has always understood that, beyond cosmetic results, women are seeking comfort and well-being. Each treatment is designed to visibly improve the skin's radiance while at the same time creating a unique sensory experience. This explains why Decléor is a brand trusted by the best beauty professionals. Their expert hands stimulate the senses and care for the skin using natural and exclusively manual techniques.

DECLÉOR, essential oils for beautiful skin.


Solange Dessimoulie

Solange Dessimoulie
In 1974, on the strength of her experience in the cosmetics industry and motivated by a fascination for nature's powers, Solange launched her own natural skin care brand called Cléor - inspired by the French words 'la clé en or qui ouvre le temple de la beauté' ('the golden key that opens the temple of beauty'). A few years later, CLEOR became DECLÉOR.
The brand's philosophy was clearly defined: understanding emotional states to care for the skin more effectively and promoting deep relaxation to improve the effectiveness of its treatments.

Caroline Colliard

In 1976, Solange joined forces with a respected aromatherapist, convinced of essential oils' ability to provide the skin's cells with the best elements from the environment.

The brand became an expert in the art of selecting essential oils and creating subtle and very precisely measured blends, calculated to deploy their full potential. The result was unique and amazingly effective products, incorporating the best ingredients from the world of botanical cosmetics.


For 40 years, the brand's development has been underpinned by three core values relating specifically to essential oils:  Naturalness, Sensoriality and Effectiveness.. Engaged on a constant quest to source the purest and most effective premium quality essential oils, DECLÉOR selects the best suppliers, with cutting-edge technologies and regulatory knowledge, capable

of ensuring end-to-end production traceability: selection of plants and cultivation sites, optimisation of harvesting dates, tailored extraction methods and stringent quality checks using chromatography and mass spectrometry.

As well as these quality assurance processes at the source, our quality laboratories systematically subject each individual batch to a series of stringent checks to ensure that each delivery complies with our standards. DECLÉOR selects premium quality essential oils, with precisely defined chemotypes* and selected olfactory quality. DECLÉOR's demanding approach has elevated it to a leading position in Aromatherapy: the brand's basic research and product development activities now encompass over 50 essential oils, used in more than 120 formulations.

(*the chemotype is a plant's biochemical "ID card").


At Decléor, aromatherapy has a name: Aromessence oil serum.

Launched in 1978, an Aromessence is a 100% natural and 100% active concentrate containing no artificial colourings or preservatives.. It consists of a very precisely balanced blend: essential oils are combined with a base of botanical oils selected on the basis of their effectiveness, skin tolerance, complementary actions and sensoriality. Its water-free formulation helps to preserve the essential oils' properties over time. Thanks to the essential oils' microbicidal and antiseptic properties, an Aromessence acts on skin quality deep down, promoting the amazing radiance of healthy skin.

Recognising that the skin's biological rhythms change at night, Aromessence was developed in the form of a balm (made from 100% natural botanical waxes and butters). An effective product with a luxurious feel.


In the late 1970s, DECLÉOR' revolutionised the cosmetics industry by showing the positive effects achieved by applying an Aromessence before a moisturiser.

Step 1

treat with the appropriate Aromessence for
each skin type.

Just a few drops are all you need for effective results: start by warming 2 drops of Aromessence between the palms of your hands and then breathe in all the olfactory benefits.

Aromessence is applied using a unique Shiatsu-inspired technique, called the "2" method, which involves applying gentle and firm pressure to the key energy points on the face.

Step 2

Protect with the daily moisturiser.

Applying a moisturiser after an Aromessence is essential to protect the skin from harmful external factors and provide it with other specific active ingredients. Combining these two products boosts their effectiveness.

DECLÉOR has proven that applying Aromessence Néroli before the Hydra Flora Crème Légère Hydratante 24h improves the cream's moisturising performance by 63%*.

*Study carried out under dermatological supervision on 11
women between 20 and 50 years old (average age of 26),
all city dwellers, with dehydrated normal skin,
4 hours after applying Aromessence
Néroli + Crème Légère Hydratante 24h. Using
a corneometer.


DECLÉOR sources its beauty resources from the heart of the plant world. However, these resources are fragile. Reflecting its concern for nature, DECLÉOR has made positive commitments to protect the environment and help counter serious threats to biodiversity on the island of Madagascar. Since 2008, we have been working with the association ASMADA on a responsible and sustainable project aimed at protecting the ecosystem in Madagascar and improving living conditions for the local populations: reforestation, access to drinking water, installation of solar electricity for school buildings. Thanks to these efforts and your support, more than 100,000 trees have already been planted in Madagascar's Masindray Valley.

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  • A range of skin care products designed to meet all of the skin's needs: face, body, sun care
  • 100% oil, natural, effective
  • Concentrate of essential oils
  • Beauty essence
  • A unique formula to restore the radiance of healthy skin
  • Effectiveness booster: applying Aromessence before a moisturiser increases its bioavailability


On vous souffle toutes nos astuces pour prendre soin de vous.

* Concerne les marques des divisions Produits Professionnels, Grand Public, Cosmétique Active et Luxe du groupe L’Oréal


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