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Decléor About us


From the very beginning, DECLÉOR has sourced effective ingredients from the world of nature and the brand's accumulated expertise in essences has elevated it to a leading position in the field of aromatherapy. DECLÉOR blends its essential oils with painstaking precision to provide a tailored response to each of the skin’s specific needs.

DECLÉOR has always understood that, beyond cosmetic results, women are seeking comfort and well-being.

Each treatment is designed to visibly improve the skin's radiance while at the same time creating a unique sensory experience. This explains why DECLÉOR is a brand trusted by the best beauty professionals. Their expert hands stimulate the senses and care for the skin using natural and exclusively manual techniques.

FROM INTUITION TO CREATIVITY. From passion to transmission

Solange Dessimoulie Decléor Ambassador.

« In 1974, I decided to bring meaning to my life with the creation of Decléor.

- My mission was simple: to share my passion for beauty with as many people as possible.

- My vision was determined: bringing the ‘spirit of skincare’ within women’s reach with protocols and rituals based on vital energies.

- My philosophy was genuine: to feel good in your body and soul, to feel good in your own skin.

The three pillars of life’s wisdom are summed up by an old adage: “you are what you think, what you breathe and what you eat.”

This mission, vision and philosophy all remain as important for me today as they were the day I created Decléor. The new Decléor credo, Skin - Body - Mind, is not some mystical manifesto. It represents an enhancement of our initial concept: “the art of cultivating inner harmony”.

I could not be happier to share the rebirth of Decléor with all of the motivated people in my team and our driven, daring suppliers.

It’s so wonderful to share my deepest convictions with those around me. Decléor and I would like to wish you all immense success and happiness. »


For 40 years, the brand's development has been underpinned by three core values relating specifically to essential oils: Naturalness, Sensoriality and Effectiveness.

Engaged on a constant quest to source the purest and most effective premium quality essential oils, DECLÉOR selects the best suppliers, with cutting-edge technologies and regulatory knowledge, capable of ensuring end-to-end production traceability: selection of plants and cultivation sites, optimisation of harvesting dates, tailored extraction methods and stringent quality checks using chromatography and mass spectrometry.

As well as these quality assurance processes at the source, our quality laboratories systematically subject each individual batch to a series of stringent checks to ensure that each delivery complies with our standards. DECLÉOR selects premium quality essential oils, with precisely defined chemotypes* and selected olfactory quality.

DECLÉOR's demanding approach has elevated it to a leading position in Aromatherapy: the brand's basic research and product development activities now encompass over 50 essential oils, used in more than 120 formulations.

*The chemotype is a plant's biochemical "ID card"

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On vous souffle toutes nos astuces pour prendre soin de vous.

* Concerne les marques des divisions Produits Professionnels, Grand Public, Cosmétique Active et Luxe du groupe L’Oréal


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