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Slowly but surely, THE BODY IS REBORN


The comforting touch of a hand, always in contact with skin. Rituals choreographed to foster well-being and crescendo-effect performance. Deliberate and precise strokes, full of vitality. Surprising textures that are rich, generous and delicious in equal measure. This is the Decléor bodycare philosophy, offering a truly unique experience.

The power of FULL HANDS

Decléor beauticians have pure gold at their fingertips, using positive and mindful techniques, choreographe to the millimetre. Each and every movement is orchestrated to activate outstanding on-skin benefits.

An energetic choreography

Everything starts with anchorage. The beautician must perfectly master her posture and her every movement, she must become a true catalyst of energy. Firmly anchored to the ground, she performs manoeuvres inspired by shiatsu, tai chi and chi qong to create a continuous chain of energy between herself and the client. Her concentration is intense, her vital energy at its peak.

Pressure on just the right spots

Decléor believes in manual strength and in the transformative power of technique. No machines are involved: here, everything is 100% manual, and every movement has its purpose. Contact between aesthetician and client is fluid, positive comforting and pain-free thanks to her meticulous study of fundamental protocols: Aromapressure: deep, firm pressure on targeted facial points to liberate, stimulate or disperse the energy along invisible channels: the energy Meridians. Aromadrainage: a technique that flushes out toxins to reveal incomparable radiance. The aesthetician applies slow and sustained pro-drainage strokes to each of the Meridian lines. A Aromassage: slow and repetitive massage techniques for infinite relaxation.

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Botanical Gold

One single drop of Essential Oil can contain a concentration of up to 150 active molecules. Anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory by nature, their outstanding talent as skin “natural antibiotic” never ceases to surprise the world of research. Their composition is so complex that it is totally unique and cannot be reproduced by man.

Power proven by science

Decléor’s Research and Development Laboratories are in no doubt: the natural power of Essential Oils is on a par with major reference cosmetic active ingredients.

Sensoriality tested and approved by pros

After being scrupulously developed and tested, each Decléor formula is validated by experts: our aestheticians. They are at the heart of the rituals, the first to use the products which are evaluated in real life conditions in our Decléor institutes. Because they never compromise on performance, every oil, cream or balm is passed through the test of massaging, kneading or stroking techniques.

The power of OLFACTION

It all starts with the nose. It is all too often forgotten, yet smell is the only human sense directly connected to the brain. Unlike sight, hearing and touch, the sense of smell is not filtered: it is in direct contact with the limbic system, emotional memory bank where all of our pleasurable sensations, but also all our fears are stored. That’s why fragrances influence the way we feel. Inhaling a scent is tantamount to breathing in a message that is instantly read by the hundreds of millions of olfactory system cellular receptors.

Aromachology is a proven science

Through scent, we can directly affect the autonomic nervous system (heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, etc…), through stimulating or soothing actions.

The latest scientific research demonstrates the effectiveness of Neroli, Chamomile, Sweet Orange and Marjoram in improving sleep quality, relaxation, alertness and concentration.


Each Aromessence represents an olfactory accord, in which Essential Oils are blended in synergy to create a harmonious and refined olfactory fusion to balance skin and mind alike.

Warming a few drops between the palms releases natural olfactory molecules, instantly encouraging you to simply let go. Breathing in deeply replenishes you with Aromachological vibrations, leaving you energised.


On vous souffle toutes nos astuces pour prendre soin de vous.

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