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In slow beauty mode
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In slow beauty mode

Published on 11/18/2015

We want to be beautiful. But we want to feel good too – in harmony with both our image and our environment. A return to natural beauty. The age of slow beauty has arrived.

It is nothing new, human beings have been engaged in a quest for beauty since the beginning of time. Drawn by the lure of beauty in general as well as their own personal beauty. However, demands have increased in recent years. It is not enough to simply be handsome or beautiful, we need to be youthful, slim and fit as well. Over time, this constant pressure becomes exhausting. And more often than not, loses its meaning. It is time to remind ourselves that respect is an essential foundation for beauty. Starting with respect for yourself. Embracing a philosophy for life and well-being inspired by slow food.

A return to natural skin care

We are rediscovering the pleasure of creating our own skin care potions, of reclaiming control of our beauty, relearning our own techniques by tuning in to our wishes, desires and needs. Skin, your skin, knows best what it needs: calm attention, gentle movements, a focus on quality of products rather than quantity.


Harnessing the intelligence of plants

And as this respect for yourself naturally leads to respect for nature, we are rediscovering all of nature’s benefits. Science has now confirmed plants' amazing intelligence. From essential oils to botanical oils, aloe vera, hydrolats, floral waters, aromatherapy and phytotherapy, we are experiencing the joy of rediscovering all the treasures and gifts that nature and our senses are capable of conveying. We are reclaiming control as part of a holistic approach, supported by professionals such as naturopaths who consider the complete picture, from physical aspects to emotions, to devise a beauty programme that switches the emphasis from fighting against to working to support...you.

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